Sunday, November 9, 2008

My new mobile life on an iPhone

Ok!!! Now I have an iPhone 2G - "Unlocked". I have had an iPhone earlier in the US. I sold it and went back to a always dependable "blackberry" because of a list of reasons.

With the launch of App store and the iPhone OS upgrading to 2.0 I thought I will give this a try. Being a blackberry poweruser, I will update this blog often as I have embarked my new mobile life on an iPhone 2G in India.

I am not really clamouring for a 3G phone because of few simple reasons

  1. There is no 3G network in India
  2. I like the brushed aluminium look on iPhone 2G panel than the 3G
Carrier I am using : Airtel
(It is soooo much better than Vodafone in terms of coverage and customer service. I am mean Vodafone really suckz)

If you have an "unclocked" iPhone, it is not officially supported. You get a free (500MB) data plan if you had bought the phone from Airtel, Since mine is an unlocked phone I have to activate the GPRS and there is only one plan which is for Rs 249 plus tax.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I upgraded my 8800 device OS to 4.5

Finally, I have upgarded my device OS to 4.5. It is pretty neat, especially getting HTML emails. I have not still played around with calendar and other stuff. I did not have any problems upgarding to the OS. If you have not done that already I would recommend that you guys download a copy of the Desktop Manager 4.6. After I had installed the new OS initially I was having trouble with the Media, when I clicked on a picture or a song the device would reboot. After going through forums at blackberryforums I guessed the culprit should be the microSD card so I removed the card and the device was fine. Then I inserted the card and formated it and then I loaded all the media in it and now it works fine. I will post more once i get to play on this more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is iPhone 3G a blackberry Killer

iPhone 3G is a great new addition in the smartphone arena. I have always considered the iPhone to be a great Multi-Media phone rather a smartphone. Even with all the additions and price reductions I personally think that iPhone has a long way to go before even it gets to play at the same level playing field with blackberry. Though iPhone is very innovative it is not revolutionary. I used to be a iPhone user but after just 45 days on use I had to go back to a blackberry

Me being a prosumer (70% business + 30% fun). I think a blackberry provides a lot more than an iPhone.

Me being a small business owner I use GMail (I think it is the best email period) even to get my work related emails. I have downloaded the GMail suite of applications that are available for the blackberry phones. I love the GMail app for blackberry, using this app I am able to search emails on the server. I use the blackberry calendar sync app so all my appointments are in sync with my Google Calendar and outlook. I am waiting for a way to sync all my contacts OTA with my outlook (hopefully Plaxo comes up with a solution for this). One things for sure is that you can rely on blackberry to deliver your emails.

I think one of the common things that keep all blackberry users very loyal to the blackberry is the battery life. It is amazing. I get close to 150 emails a day. I listen to songs on my Blackberry. I browse a lot and still at the end of the the day I have like 75% left. When I had the iPhone the battery life used to suck big time.

With the upcoming updates to the blackberry (BIS) I really cant wait. I know there is a major improvement on the browser and also HTML email. I am really looking forward to it. Blackberries also carry a very good cosmetic appeal. They are very well designed piece of machines. I been asked som many times by many people what phone is that I am carrying.

Even the iPhone 3G there are still a lot of things that are missing

1. MMS
2. Cut and Paste (C'MON STEVE)
3. You still cannot store your files, carry attachment (Like an excel, powerpoint, or a word sheet)
4. You cannot send files as an attachment in the email except for the pic that you take on the iPhone

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BlackBerry touchscreen phone to be dubbed 'Thunder'

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The industrious Boy Genius has apparently unearthed more juicy tidbits about that rumored BlackBerry touchscreen device. Word from BG is that the new iPhone-ish handset is now dubbed the "Thunder," and will come to Verizon and Vodafone as an exclusive device. The phone will reportedly have four physical keys (send, end, menu, and back), sport a hybrid CDMA EV-DO Rev. C / GSM HSPA radio, and could come equipped with a 4G LTE component. Internally, the device is known as the BlackBerry 9500, though it's possible that designation could change. BGR has included a self-made mockup (above) of what the device may look like, but as of now, no one has laid eyes on this mythical creature.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally Hotmail on your blackberry for FREE

It was announced today that Microsoft and RIM are working together to finally bring Hotmail/live email to the blackberry platform for free. Although Microsoft has joined the party late it is finally good to be able to get your hotmail/live on your blackberry. Although this does not do much for me as I am a "power" GMail user. I think hotmail also has a very good SPAM filter but other things like user interface, filter-options..etc make me want to stay with GMail. It is expected to be ready by Summer.